Fruit Stand, NYC

Remember the days of the corner fruit stand? On a hot summer day, you’d find your corner grocer selling goods from his cart from morning until late evening. These days you have Whole Foods and stores of that caliber selling everything from Oranges to Açaí berries, but you can still find your corner grocer holding court and discussing the day’s happenings while handing you a large bag of goods and then wishing you a good evening. Really miss those days.

Summer slowing down…

Hello all,

As the summer continues to march on, i’m struck with the realization of how many photographers have begun to experience the joys of the APS-C sensor family of cameras that have been making a splash on the shooting scene. Most notably, Sony has come out with a family of cameras that produce images which equal or even surpass the big boys, and their small size and light weight make them even more attractive to the prosumer and expert alike. The new Sony a7rII is a full frame version which produces rich, bright images with excellent quality, and with a 24 MP sensor and pricing which put it within reach of the big boys, I think Sony have themselves a thoroughbred that’s a true champ coming out of the gate. I look forward to seeing what Sony will come up with next, and I’m sure it’ll be a hit.