Roaming at night

On the phone

When you walk around the city at night, you get the sense that a whole other life is beginning as the day is ending. People on their way home, to dinner, to meet with friends and decompress from the day’s responsibilities. Sometimes, you just want to sit down and have a sip of a cold, frosty beverage and check your emails. Whatever your calling, when the night falls, that’s when your life begins.

My past year in review…

Well, another year over and another year to start working. This is going to be a fresh start in a lot of areas, and time to begin all those projects I always wanted to do but never did. I’ve also scaled down the number of projects to a more manageable amount, and designed them to be more adaptable. I would like to leave a little something from the past two years, and I hope at the very least it entertains you. See you in the funny papers…

Just for Today….

Just for today, I will reflect on the past year and what it means for the year coming. Last year I didn’t do anything I said I would, so this year I will continue that track, but in reverse. I will NOT make announcements of upcoming projects or ideas…unless i’ve already done them. I will take my wife out to dinner at least once every other week. I will STOP buying gear I don’t need and can’t use, and will sell the gear I already have in an effort to slim down and streamline my process. I spent too much time attempting to seek this gadget, that light modifier, the newest camera lens and all I ended up doing was making more confusion for myself than I could handle (example: failing to go shooting because I can’t decide what camera to use). This year, I will TRY to just pick up my camera bag and go out and just shoot. No planning, no indecision, just plain shooting. Well, that’s my rant. I hope your plans go as accordingly as you wish them to, and may your lens always be pointed to greater things.