Just for Today….

Just for today, I will reflect on the past year and what it means for the year coming. Last year I didn’t do anything I said I would, so this year I will continue that track, but in reverse. I will NOT make announcements of upcoming projects or ideas…unless i’ve already done them. I will take my wife out to dinner at least once every other week. I will STOP buying gear I don’t need and can’t use, and will sell the gear I already have in an effort to slim down and streamline my process. I spent too much time attempting to seek this gadget, that light modifier, the newest camera lens and all I ended up doing was making more confusion for myself than I could handle (example: failing to go shooting because I can’t decide what camera to use). This year, I will TRY to just pick up my camera bag and go out and just shoot. No planning, no indecision, just plain shooting. Well, that’s my rant. I hope your plans go as accordingly as you wish them to, and may your lens always be pointed to greater things.

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