Summer in Harlem

Hot time in the city, sidewalks looking gritty. Time to take a little walk through your neighborhood, listen to your tunes or maybe stop for an icee on the corner (especially on that last day of school). There has always been something magical about summer, something you can’t define but it’s always there. Maybe it’s in the bask of sunlight, or hearing the birds chirping in the morning sunshine, or that expectation of the weekend with your friends at the beach. Could it be looking forward to a warm evening and the glorious feelings that wash over you when you’re walking along the street with your boo, looking into each other’s eyes and it feels like its just the two of you in the world and everything will be “Groovy”.

When i was a child summer was that magical time when I spent days playing with my friends and the evenings watching t.v. With my family (Does anyone remember “Sanford & Son”?) after dinner, and Mom and Dad would allow my sisters and i to go out to the Park for another half hour or so? I miss those days, and each year when that time arrives i try to steal just a little of that feeling back, and then look at it and be thankful for those times.

I now know that my life is beautiful because of those days as a child, because they helped shape (along with my wife) the man i am today.

This summer let your inner child look up into the sun and smile, and remember a time when all you had to worry about was having that quarter for an icee.

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